Born in 1965, Robin Alexander grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she still resides. An avid reader of Lesbian fiction, Robin decided to take the leap and try her hand at writing. It didn't take long for her favorite hobby to become a full-time author. With over a dozen titles in print with Intaglio Publications, Robin's books have fast become a favorite among fans of lesbian romance.

Robin approaches everything with a sense of humor, which is evident in her style of writing.



Ticket 1207


Available now - December 2014!

Shawn Masterson has spent a year trying to work up the courage to ask out the woman of her dreams. She gets a little help from the owner of Theo Brasseaux’s Shop of Voodoo. Shawn puts more faith in Theo’s abilities than she’s willing to admit, even to herself.

Jill Searcy has lost her belief in love and magic, and she even despises Christmas. Two women come into her life and make her question everything she thought she knew. She gets more for Christmas than she ever dreamed.

Robin Alexander has crafted a novelette to warm your heart and put a chuckle in your New Year.

84 pages, Romance, December 2014

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